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HealthCARE, Reimagined


What is functional medicine?

Functional Medicine differs from conventional medicine in its methods to determine how and why illness occurs and how it restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual.

Instead of the typical conventional medicine way of naming diseases and prescribing a pill for each disease, Dr. Orsburn takes a functional view of the body as one integrated system and treats the entire person.  

Each person is different, therefore each treatment plan is personalized and targeted to specific concerns and what works best for each situation.

To learn more about the functional medicine approach, visit The Institute for Functional Medicine website or call Dr. Orsburn to set up a consultation.  

What conditions do you treat?

Dr. Orsburn's functional medicine approach is ideal for treating conditions causing pain, fatigue, insomnia, skin and gastrointestinal complaints, and many other persistent and frustrating symptoms.
She partners with her patients to identify and target the root cause of the constellation of symptoms,
which the average person typically collects over time. The underlying cause of many seemingly unrelated symptoms is often actually the same.

Will Dr. Orsburn act as my primary care physician?

No, Dr. Orsburn provides holistic consultative care to adults, focusing on overall health and well-being, and does not provide acute care or the routine medical screenings that your primary care doctor orders and tracks.

Will Dr. Orsburn see my kids?

No, Dr. Orsburn only sees adults. If your child is an adult seeking medical care from Dr.Orsburn, we need to speak with them directly.

Do you accept my insurance?

In order to develop a meaningful relationship with each and every patient, Dr. Orsburn found it necessary to leave the insurance-driven model of care.  


Dr. Orsburn is out-of-network for all insurance plans and has opted out of Medicare. Our office does not bill insurance or assist with insurance claims.


If your non-Medicare insurance plan provides coverage for out-of-network providers, Dr. Orsburn will provide a detailed invoice for the services provided which you may submit to your insurance carrier.


It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company and review the coverage rules, requirements and policies.  Because Dr. Orsburn has opted out of Medicare, no invoices for any service may be submitted to this program.

Does my insurance cover functional medicine
labs and special testing?

Many of the lab tests ordered by Dr. Orsburn are done through traditional lab centers, and your insurance company can advise you which lab draw stations are in-network for you.


The functional lab kits used by our office are covered by some insurance plans.  If you wish to have these claims processed through your insurance, Dr. Orsburn recommends you contact your insurance company in advance to see if they cover the specific test in question.

How do I become a patient?

If you are interested in working with Dr. Orsburn to optimize your health, please fill out the new patient application at the link below when choosing a time for a free discovery call. 

How do I prepare for my first functional medicine appointment?

Once you have been accepted as a patient, you will receive an electronic link to fill out the intake form. This must be completed within 5 days of your initial consultation, as Dr. Orsburn will review them along with any available medical records in advance of your visit.


The goal of your first visit with Dr. Orsburn is to build a relationship and create a plan for your healing.

In order to accomplish this and use the time together efficiently, thus respecting your valuable time and financial investment, please bring all medications, supplements, shakes, nutritional products, and copies of your labs to your initial consultation.


How do I prepare for my follow up appointments?

At your second visit, you will be given your individualized treatment plan, organized in a binder, and it is helpful to bring this with you for each subsequent appointment.

How long are functional medicine visits with Dr. Orsburn?

Your initial consultation will include 90 minutes in person with Dr. Orsburn. 

The follow-up visits range from 30-60 minutes, depending upon the volume

of information to be discussed.

May I see Dr. Orsburn for acupuncture or functional medicine as stand-alone treatments, or must I see her for both?

Dr. Orsburn meets each patient where they are and will treat you with either functional medicine or acupuncture [or both], as per your desire.

How can I learn more about Functional Medicine?


Visit the following link to learn more about Functional Medicine: 

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