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Discovery Call Scheduling


Please read each of the below items and complete each task prior to scheduling your call.


1.  READ THE FAQs. This will answer some of your basic questions prior to the call and help you get the most out of the discussion. You can read FAQs HERE.


2. SET ASIDE TIME. Dr. Orsburn has a very busy practice and helps A LOT of people. If you wish to book a call, please set aside 10-15 minutes when you'll be in a quiet place without distractions… and make sure your ringer is ON so you don’t miss the call. 

3. BE UNSTOPPABLE! One reason Dr. Orsburn’s patients have gotten such great results is that she only accepts those who are dedicated to making the changes necessary to get their health back. If your motivation is high and you’re ready to put your health on PROJECT STATUS, we would absolutely love to speak with you!

4. BE READY TO INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH.  No insurance plan pays to get and keep you healthy. In fact, it has been Dr. Orsburn’s experience that insurance plans will actually deny care for things they see as unnecessary preventive care. Due to this, she was unable to give her patients what they needed within the insurance-driven realm and had to opt-out. 

It takes a shift of mind to realize that an investment in health today pays dividends for the future. Because Dr. Orsburn helps her patients get their health back, not only do they typically spend less on health expenditures in the long run, they also enjoy an increased quality of life…and that’s invaluable.

5. BE READY TO MAKE A DECISION. If your spouse or someone else is part of your decision-making process, please schedule a time when you can both be on the call. The journey to wellness is much easier when couples are on the same page. 

Please Scroll Down To Choose A Time That Fits You Best. We Look Forward To Talking With You Soon!

  • This is a 10-minute call, and we will call you at the time you choose.

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