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Success Stories

I reached out to Dr. Orsburn after being extremely fed up with my gut health, anxiety, and sleep problems. My first visit I literally cried to her because I just wanted to feel better. She takes her time and listens to what you're saying and pays attention to things going on with you that a lot of Drs would pay no attention to. The blood work is extensive and really gives her a good guide to what's going on with you and the next steps. I was so happy with the results after only a month that I was telling everyone about her.  Dr. Libby guides you as you put in the work to fix your issues and it's the perfect combo to getting yourself back on track! 3 months in and my gut is finally on track, I sleep thru the night for the first time in years and feel way less anxious. I have learned so much about my health from my visits and how to make better choices to keep my health in a healthy state! Dr. Orsburn really does a great job and I'm super happy I took the leap and emailed her when I did. I happily travel almost 2 hours to see her because she really knows how to get ya feeling better! - L.N.

Dr. Orsburn has changed my life. I have PCOS and all of its associated symptoms - obesity, irregular periods, hirsutism, acne, fatigue, mood swings, etc. In June 2020, I had a few particularly bad days and I knew something needed to change because I was 70 pounds overweight and losing control of my health. Instead of simply putting me back on Metformin and other pharmaceuticals, we got to the base of my condition, which was lifestyle - namely, my diet - and missing micronutrients. Who knew that certain foods one would think are “keto” or “healthy” were actually making me sicker? Dr. Orsburn reworked my diet and habits from the ground up, and two weeks in, 10 pounds had come off and I felt like a different person already.

I also learned under her care I had Hashimoto’s, Vitamin D deficiency, MTHFR, and other insidious conditions that years from now would have me dependent on prescription meds. I have gone from 208 lbs to 160 lbs, clothes I haven’t worn in years fit, my skin has cleared up, I take selfies without shame, and my self-esteem is better than it’s been in years.

This is an investment in your well-being and longevity. Traditional medicine loves to simply write Rx’s and neglects to investigate the root causes. I am so glad I found Dr. Orsburn and her approach to health. Game changer is an understatement! - Jennifer

Since beginning treatment Dr. Orsburn, I have gotten my energy back, lost 15 lbs of the 25 lbs gained after surgery, and I can sleep soundly at night. To any of you who are currently struggling with endocrine-related health issues, I strongly recommend seeing Dr. Libby. When I had done all the research I could and was at the end of my rope, she met me there and helped me get my body back under control. Now I am well enough again to help teach and encourage others in their fitness journeys. While I’m still on my own journey, I am very excited about what I’ve learned in the past year and how it can positively impact the clients I get to work with. I am extremely thankful for this progress.” - Julie 

Under Dr. Orsburn’s guidance, my energy level has tripled and the brain fog has lifted. And this after just a few weeks!  I am beyond excited to see where the remainder of the journey takes me! Thank you, Dr. Orsburn, for giving me my life back. - C.B.

Dr. Libby has provided the best and most comprehensive care I've ever had, and she is an incredibly compassionate person and dedicated to helping her patients heal! I was feeling very sick and desperate when I first started working with her 3 months ago, and since then I've experienced more improvement than I have in the past few years! I'm starting to feel more like myself and my health continues to improve. I know that I made the right decision choosing her as my doctor. The changes she recommends are doable, reasonable, and sustainable.

Thank you, Dr. Libby! - Kristen

Dr. Libby is a life changer! When I approached her office 2 months ago I was literally at a point that I was in utter desperation. She truly helped me get my life back on track. The last year has been a challenging one with my health and she had been truly a blessing! I can’t thank you enough for all you have done for me! - Nicole 

Some of the best clinical and compassionate care I've ever had, with results that are sustainable. Dr. Libby's truly changed my approach to my health and continues to walk with me through the process of making good choices for my overall health and well-being while improving chronic health issues. I highly recommend Dr. Libby as a truly capable and caring person. -Terry

Dr. Orsburn has been wonderful. Seeing her was the best decision I have ever made. I am a mother with 4 wonderful kids, but I was run down and had some underlying conditions. Dr. Orsburn has put me on a path of healing, and I can see results in my skin, lab test, energy levels, and many other aspects. My quality of life has improved tremendously in the few months I have gone to her. She is thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and holds you accountable. If you are on the fence I urge you to go because it will be well worth it. - K.B.

"I cannot express how incredible it is to have found Dr. Libby Orsburn!  You may have been in the same situation as I’ve been - searching for answers to chronic issues, spending time with countless specialists only to have more tests and no answers.  When I found Libby, I found someone who is not only technically competent but someone who understands the importance of empowering me to make good decisions and advising on the right actions regarding my health. She is there to help me get to the root of the issues, and her methods work. Her approach to functional medicine is holistic in every sense - not only comprehensive testing and resources but someone who has a focus on finding solutions, not just prescribing another test or medication. Libby has been so incredible and so accommodating. She’s approachable and available - the only clinician that I’ve ever been able to text with a quick question and she responds!  It’s like having a house call, only better. And she never stops teaching, researching, and encouraging. Now I feel like I have the tools needed to heal myself with a true partner in achieving my best health, rather than feeling in the dark for solutions. I think of the countless hours and dollars that I’ve spent with conventional clinicians, and while they have their place in the spectrum of healthcare, it’s been worth the time and investment with Libby to finally get some answers!  I highly recommend her as a physician and a partner in your care, and while most insurance still doesn’t pay for holistic and preventive care, the investment with Libby has been worth every penny!” - Terry H.

Dr. Orsburn is an excellent partner for anyone looking to take responsibility for their health and well-being. She brings a firm, but very compassionate approach to her patients. She is thorough and explains medical information thoroughly. I was looking for a functional medicine physician because I wanted to get to the root cause of my health issues. There is no question that she has helped me uncover the pathway to lasting wellness. - Jamie

I highly recommend Dr. Libby Orsburn! I was searching for solutions to a few health issues that were not being solved by conventional medicine and was referred to Libby. I've worked with her for over a year and have met a number of my health goals with her help. In addition to being incredibly competent as a physician, she is compassionate and caring with a true service approach to her practice. She offers a spectrum of services including phone consults as needed and is very hands-on with my care. I can't say enough good things about Libby and what she's done for my health!  - T.H.

I have been seeing Dr. Orsburn for a year and she has helped me so much. Over the last year I have healed my gut and my sleeping is incredible.  I haven’t felt this good in years.  I never felt rushed during appointments. She is always responsive and truly cares for her patients. - Lori

After at least two years of telling my GP of multiple symptoms including weight gain (that I could not lose) and bloating, I finally sought the care of a functional medicine doctor. Dr. Orsburn listened and examined - taking all my symptoms into account. She is thorough in her review of tests and information recounted by her patients, and she takes the time to walk her patients through results - arming them with more information about how and why their body is working the way it is. She works with her patients to put a plan into action --one that is user-friendly and supplemented by a wealth of understandable information. Two weeks after my initial visit, with some self-work and following initial steps, I felt 2x better. I appreciate her care. - J.A.

Working with Dr. Libby Orsburn has dramatically improved my issues with insomnia, digestion, anxiety, and energy.  As someone who suffers from an autoimmune disease, I had been very frustrated with the care that I had received in the past.  Until meeting with Dr. Orsburn, no one had really tried to discover the underlying cause of all my symptoms.  I had no previous experience with acupuncture until meeting with her and I have enjoyed each experience.  There has been no pain or discomfort during the procedure and I have left each time with an overwhelming sense of calm and peacefulness.  For anyone who's ready to truly start healing from chronic inflammatory conditions or simply have more energy, I cannot recommend Dr. Orsburn enough! - Julie

I reached out to Dr. Libby after years of IBS issues unresolved by conventional medical interventions. It was a leap of faith that has given me answers to my problems and a plan of action to heal my gut. Dr. Libby is accessible, kind, and compassionate. She paid careful attention to my history and did a thorough assessment of my general health. She ordered labs to assess my overall health and labs that focused on my GI issues. Based on these results, she has come up with a plan that includes diet, supplements, and other interventions. Dr. Libby provides detailed explanations of her findings and her recommendations and the rationale behind them. She is organized, straightforward, and also very encouraging and reassuring.  I leave her office feeling so much better and so much more in control of my health. For the first time in a long time I have found a professional and knowledgeable MD that truly cares that I get better and and is enthusiastic about helping me in this journey to healing. I highly recommend Dr. Libby! Thank you so much, Dr. Libby! - M.H.

Dr. Orsburn was the only doctor to come up with a plan and not give up until we found something that worked. I feel like I have more of my life back. Working with Dr. Orsburn is definitely worth the investment of your time, dedication, and money. - G.K.

Dr. Orsburn has been a lifesaver for me. She has gotten to the bottom of my chronic health issues that no one has been able to diagnose for nearly 10 years. She is thorough, efficient, kind and encouraging. She is a great communicator and excellent practitioner. I wholeheartedly recommend her! - Meagan

It’s refreshing to have a doctor who goes to the root of the issue instead of medicating a symptom. She has helped me transform a health issue that allowed me to completely stop taking the medication that typically for this condition people take it for years. Because she has the ability to see my health for the entire system we get a much better outcome with greater clarity and ease. - Megha

 Dr. Orsburn has been instrumental in so many facets of healing for me.  I went in on a leap of faith knowing full well I wanted an approach that was more than mainstream medicine could offer.  Functional medicine made sense to me and I wanted to explore it further.  I was feeling awful and was fearful of what could possibly be wrong with me.  I could hardly get through the day without a nap and could hardly eat anything.  Within weeks I was feeling much better and more importantly I felt empowered and encouraged by Dr. Orsburn’s firm, but supportive bedside manner.  She is accessible and attentive and takes her time to explain tests/lab results.  She offers options but also gives me plenty of information to make good decisions about treatment/changes that need to be made to further my progress.   I have appreciated her approach and partnership in my health journey. - Jamie V.

I had the best and most comprehensive health appointment I have ever had! Dr. Libby truly cares and is very compassionate and kind in explaining the good and not so good news! She truly wants to help you on your best health journey. - Beth W.

Until I met Dr. Orsburn, I was clueless about functional medicine.  What I have discovered in her office is that my health is a complex system of interrelated functions.  Working together to discover why my symptoms are happening has awakened me to realize that a “fix” is more than a prescription and a quick assembly line office visit.  I have altered my diet and made changes that is moving me toward optimum health.  I have been encouraged that there are doctors like Libby Orsburn that really listen and encourage me to take responsibility for my health.  With her guidance, I will reach my goal.  It’s a very good thing! - Sherry

Dr. Orsburn listened to all my concerns and symptoms and was able to identify health issues I've had for years. I'm grateful for her holistic approach. Her recommendations proved to be exactly what I needed. Don't wait another day to feel your best! - Paula

Dr. Orsburn helped me discover the reasons why I was experiencing so much pain every day and has helped me manage and reduce my symptoms. I highly recommend her to anyone that wants help without the pills and wants to be their healthiest self! - Julia

Dr. Orsburn is amazing! I struggle with several different chronic conditions and I have made more progress since I began working with her in the last 5 months than I have over the last 5 years! She is kind, patient, empathetic, and truly cares about her patients. I cannot recommend her enough for both functional medicine and acupuncture! If you are on the fence about whether or not to schedule an appointment, I'm telling you to do it. You will not regret it. She is a gem and I am so grateful to have her on my team! - A.B.

Dr. Orsburn has been extraordinarily attentive and helpful in finding answers for some ongoing health issues that I have not been able to resolve after years of western medicine options. I'm so thankful to finally have a plan and medical support to help me heal. I'm thankful for

an MD who has a holistic approach to wellness!  - L.P.

Dr. O is great. Extremely caring, personable. I’ve improved so much in my health journey. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease about a year ago; but I have made such drastic improvements over the past year. I truly do attribute so much of my healing to her help, as well as the help of the Lord! I am thankful for all she’s done for me.

She’s been a blessing. Highly recommend. - H.N.

"They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and that’s why I love Dr Libby! She’s helped me using natural methods to shift some health stuff that most doctors would solve with drugs. She is a valuable part of my wellness success team." - M.B.

Have an autoimmune disease or just don’t feel like yourself and know you could feel better but your doctor says you’re fine? Dr. Orsburn is a functional medical doctor in Franklin who is caring and knowledgeable in alternative interventions (as well as conventional if needed) to help you regain your health. She will run the tests you need to get down to a cellular level to see what is causing your symptoms. Why treat symptoms if you can find the root cause? She is caring and easy to talk to. I highly recommend her!! - Pam

Dr. Orsburn is amazing!  She truly cares about her patients and actually listens to your story!  We've all had experiences with doctors barely making eye contact, while rushing you out of the office.  I'll be honest, this is the first time I've actually felt seen, heard, and understood by a doctor.  Since starting functional medicine and acupuncture with Dr. Orsburn, my health has vastly improved.  I've also experienced improvements in my mental health, as well as being able to make significant life changes like quitting smoking, quitting drinking, and eating more whole foods.  I would not have been able to do these things without her encouragement, compassion, and skill.  She is also incredibly thorough and is a wealth of knowledge about the body and its functioning. I would recommend Dr. Orsburn to anyone! - L.K.

Dr. Orsburn invests in you and your wellbeing through thoroughly looking at your individual situation, spending time with you, and working with you to plan for your optimal health and wellness. Her practice is focused on you living your best life. - B.W.

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