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At Elevate Wellness, we help you harness

your body's natural healing response to

regain your energy and vitality.

How we are different

We listen to your symptoms and use them as guiding tools to help you restore your health.


We incorporate a holistic approach with Functional Medicine and Acupuncture services available.

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The first step is to learn about your current symptoms so we can begin delving deeper to reach your health goals.

Your healthcare, reimagined!

If your health has you at the end of your rope and you’ve tried nearly everything without relief, you’re in the right place!

I know what it's like to suffer an incapacitating illness.  Although that period of my life was one of the most difficult, I consider it an enormous blessing because it led me to Functional Medicine and the best health I've ever enjoyed! It also equipped me with additional skills to help others like you. 

At Elevate Wellness we revive hope through a functional approach to your acute and chronic health issues. Whether you are dealing with autoimmunity, chronic pain, thyroid disease, IBS, or other diseases, we look forward to partnering with you and empowering you to take back your health.

Better gut health begins here!  

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