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Triggering the body's natural healing response.


Your healthcare, reimagined!

If you’re suffering from an acute or chronic condition and have tried nearly everything without relief, you’re in the right place!

Elevate Wellness — the functional medicine and medical acupuncture practice of Libby Orsburn, M.D. — specializes in treating people, not diseases. 

With that said, those with chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, autoimmune disorders, thyroid disease, and IBS, along with other conditions, can be helped with functional medicine programs offered at Elevate Wellness.

Using an integrative approach, advanced functional lab testing, and dietary-based lifestyle changes, Dr. Orsburn partners with and empowers her patients to take back their health, starting today

Libby Orsburn, MD, IFMCP, Functional Medicine, Franklin, TN

Dr. Libby Orsburn


If your health has you at the end of your rope physically, mentally and/or emotionally, Dr. Orsburn looks forward to partnering with you.

There is HOPE!

Instead of the typical conventional medicine way of naming diseases and prescribing a pill for each disease, Dr. Orsburn takes a functional view of the body as one integrated system and treats the entire person. 

Each person is different, therefore your treatment plan is personalized so that you achieve your best health.

Acupuncture treatment involves inserting very thin needles into energy collection points along energy circuits called meridians. 

This re-balances the flow of energy and assists the body's natural ability to heal and return to homeostasis. In modern scientific terms, needling acupuncture points stimulates your nervous system to release chemicals in the muscles, spinal cord, and brain.



I cannot express how incredible it is to have found Dr. Libby Orsburn!  You may have been in the same situation as I’ve been - searching for answers to chronic issues,  spending time with countless specialists only to have more tests and no answers.  When I found Libby, I found someone who is not only technically competent, but someone who understands the importance of empowering me to make good decisions and advising on the right actions regarding my health. She is there to help me get to the root of the issues, and her methods work. Her approach to functional medicine is holistic in every sense - not only comprehensive testing and resources, but someone who has a focus on finding solutions, not just prescribing another test or medication. Libby has been so incredible and so accommodating. She’s approachable and available - the only clinician that I’ve ever been able to text with a quick question and she responds!  It’s like having a house call, only better. And she never stops teaching, researching, and encouraging. Now I feel like I have the tools needed to heal myself with a true partner in achieving my best health, rather than feeling in the dark for solutions. I think of the countless hours and dollars that I’ve spent with conventional clinicians, and while they have their place in the spectrum of healthcare, it’s been worth the time and investment with Libby to finally get some answers!  I highly recommend her as a physician and a partner in your care, and while most insurance still doesn’t pay for holistic and preventive care, the investment with Libby has been worth every penny!

-Terry, Franklin, TN

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