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Are You Ready For Better Health?

At Elevate Wellness, we help

you harness your body's

natural healing response and regain your energy and vitality.

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How we are different

We listen to your symptoms and use them as guiding tools to help you restore your health.

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We incorporate a holistic approach with Functional Medicine and Acupuncture services available.

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Working with us

The first step is to learn about your current symptoms so we can begin delving deeper  to reach your health goals.

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Libby Orsburn, MD, IFMCP, Functional Medicine, Franklin, TN

Your healthcare, reimagined!

Libby Orsburn, MD knows what it is like to suffer with an incapacitating illness.  This led her to Functional Medicine and restored health.  At Elevate Wellness we revive that hope through an integrative approach that includes helping you get the right testing whether you are dealing with autoimmunity, chronic pain, thyroid disease, IBS, or other diseases.  


If your health has you at the end of your rope physically, mentally, and/or emotionally, Dr. Orsburn looks forward to partnering with you.

Are you ready to Elevate your health over the next 10 days?

Success Stories

I cannot express how incredible it is to have found Dr. Libby Orsburn!  You may have been in the same situation as I’ve been - searching for answers to chronic issues,  spending time with countless specialists only to have more tests and no answers.  When I found Libby, I found someone who is not only technically competent but someone who understands the importance of empowering me to make good decisions and advising on the right actions regarding my health... Now I feel like I have the tools needed to heal myself with a true partner in achieving my best health...I highly recommend her as a physician and a partner in your care, and while most insurance still doesn’t pay for holistic and preventive care, the investment with Libby has been worth every penny!


—  Terry, Franklin, TN

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Your healthcare, reimagined!

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